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In this hybrid mentoring program, undergraduate students from underrepresented populations in STEM (i.e. racial and ethnic minorities and/or female students) MM1are given an opportunity to connect directly with trained graduate students and peer mentors in a non-formal, social environment. The program is designed to provide additional psycho-social (social, cognitive, and cultural support) for STEM identity and talent development.

Utilizing a vertical mentoring approach, graduate and peer mentors  facilitate one of the Mentoring Matters strands while Mentoring Matters Program organization 2018-04-13 09.41.38also being mentored by a STEM professional and/or research faculty in scholarship, research, and practice.

The Mentoring Matters program itself is a 10-week program during the spring semester where select undergraduate students meet every other week (2 hrs per week). A required orientation jump starts the program for registered students .  Please contact Dr. Kristina Henry Collins, if you are interested to learn more or plan a special session for a cohort of STEM Students.

The mentoring program is divided into three STEM Strands:

As well as students will also participate in the STEM Learning Communities which offer a unique mentoring experience focusing on your future career, resume building skills, as well as focusing on your STEM identity.

Our Program offers:

  • Unique Support system of Undergraduate Peer Mentors, Graduate Level (Masters & PhD) Mentors, and a Faculty Mentor.
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • Academic Coaching
  • Resume Building Opportunities
  • Research opportunities
  • And much more..


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